2. Be able to develop interpersonal and transferab

2. Be able to develop interpersonal and transferable skills

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ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care

Employability Skills

Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to determine own responsibilities and performance

1.1 Develop a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

1.2 Evaluate own effectiveness against defined objectives

1.3 Make recommendations for improvement

1.4 Review how motivational techniques can be used to improve quality of performance

2. Be able to develop interpersonal and transferable skills

2.1 Develop solutions to work-based problems

2.2 Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels

2.3 Identify effective time-management strategies

3. Understand the dynamics of working with others

3.1 Explain the roles people play in a team and how they can work together to achieve shared goals

3.2 Analyse team dynamics

3.3 Suggest alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals

4. Be able to develop strategies for problem-solving

4.1 Evaluate tools and methods for developing solutions to problems

4.2 Develop an appropriate strategy for resolving a particular problem

4.3 Evaluate the potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy

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