1. Understand and utilise different sources of inf

1. Understand and utilise different sources of information to support learning.

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ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care

Study Skills

Unit aims

This unit will develop learners understanding of the research process, good academic practice and the potential pitfalls. Learners will develop and understanding of the types and sources of information and the skills to use them and to communicate their findings following good academic practice. Leaners will also develop their understanding of how to continue their personal development through the process of self-reflection.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand and utilise different sources of information to support learning.

1.1 To identify and access information resources needed to fulfil different academic tasks

1.2 Identify and utilise different sources of primary and secondary information

1.3 Explain and demonstrate competence in the use of electronic learning resources

1.4 Evaluate the merits of different sources of information and resources available to support the learning process

2. Understand and apply a range of key learning skills.

2.1 Explain and utilise a repertoire of reading and note-making skills and techniques

2.2 Demonstrate a competency in stages of the academic writing process from initial research through composition to revision of drafts

2.3 Evaluate and demonstrate competency in different forms of communication used in an academic environment

3. Understand the principles and values of good academic practice

3.1 Explain different forms of plagiarism and unfair academic practice and seriousness

3.2 Explain and deploy the Harvard system of referencing to ensure consistent and appropriate referencing of sources

3.3 Evaluate and use anti-plagiarism software as a tool to improve academic practice

4. Understand the concept and value of self-reflection in personal development and learning

4.1 Explain the concept of reflective learning and its use in personal development

4.2 Self-analyse using a personal audit SWOT analysis to develop and apply SMART personal objectives

4.3 To understand and demonstrate independent learning and time management skills

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