1.1 Explain the aims and objectives of employment

1.1 Explain the aims and objectives of employment regulation.

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EML assessment brief


This assessment is made up of three parts, assessment activity 1, assessment activity 2 and assessment activity 3.


CIPD learning outcomes and assessment criteria


The following table sets out the CIPD learning outcomes and associated assessment criteria:


Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

1   Understand the purpose of employment regulation and the way it is enforced in practice.

1.1  Explain the aims and objectives of employment regulation.

1.2  Describe the role played by the tribunal and courts system in enforcing employment law.

1.3  Explain how cases are settled before and during formal legal procedures.

2   Know how to manage recruitment and selection activities lawfully.

2.1  Identify the main principles of discrimination law in recruitment and selection and in employment.

2.2  Explain how contracts of employment are established.

3   Know how to manage change and reorganisation lawfully.


3.1  Describe when and how contracts can be changed lawfully.

3.2  Explain the main requirements of redundancy law.

3.3  Explain the main requirements of the law on business transfers.

4   Know how to manage issues relating to pay and working time lawfully.


4.1  Identify the major statutory rights workers have in the fields of pay, leave and working time.

4.2  Explain the major requirements of equal pay law.

4.3  Explain major maternity, paternity and other family-friendly employment rights.

5   Be able to ensure that staff are treated lawfully when they are at work.


5.1  Identify the major requirements of health and safety law.

5.2  Explain the significance of implied duties as regards the management of employees at work.

5.3  Explain the principles of the law on freedom of association.

6   Know how to manage performance and disciplinary matters lawfully.

6.1  Explain the main requirements of unfair dismissal law in respect of capability and misconduct issues.

6.2  Explain the scope of the right for employees to be accompanied at serious discipline and grievance hearings.

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