1) What is the subject of this source or what does

1) What is the subject of this source or what does this particular source cover?

The primary theme of the paper is 1) What is the subject of this source or what does this particular source cover? in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $99 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.

Fear an Loathing Abstract


This is a project designed to hone your argumentative skills to the most specific level possible, while also creating an understanding of what makes a good source and a poor source in your research activities. Basically, you should imagine that you have come before a committee as a university senior, Master’s student, or Ph.D. candidate with a topic for the thesis/dissertation that is required before graduation. The essay portion of this project will be like a thesis/dissertation topic, an abstract or prospectus that reveals your original and specific thesis on your subject and the research you hope to use, and sot he structure of this essay will be different than what you’ve done earlier in the semester. 

The project will consist of two parts. Part One is a short essay that needs to get at the heart of what interests you about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and how it relates to the American Dream; Part Two must be an “Annotated Bibliography.” The entire project must be double-spaced, in Times New Roman size 12 font, with one-inch margins.

Part One:

The theory section is basically your thesis statement, except that it will consist of many statements, outlining the focus, details, and directions, as well as the argument of your essay. The clarity of this section of your essay needs to be at its best. Declaring your argument needs to be about a short paragraph. Then you need to analyze specific examples and quotes from the book that target the aspect of the American Dream you are interested in. (around 300 words)

Part Two:

The second and final part of your project is your annotated bibliography. You need to find five sources that offer scholarship or fundamental research on your topic. Two of these can be Internet or journal related, but three need to be hardcopy sources in book form. This will involve a physical presence in the library. Very often searching the nearby shelves that cover your topic will yield many sources that were not found in your library search on the Internet. The Internet sources that you use should be published, scholarly sources that can be found by using Galileo or some other search engine. These sources may include online books, journals, articles, etc. published by scholars and professionals in the field. Each source must be put in alphabetical order in MLA format, just like a works cited page. Do not number these sources, and you must double-space everything.

An annotation must accompany each source and must begin on the very next line following the last MLA documentation for each source. In other words, if the copyright was the last entry for your first source, then hit enter and begin the annotation for this source. An annotation is a summary and critique of your source and should consist of responses to the following:

1) What is the subject of this source or what does this particular source cover?

2) Does the author(s) succeed in fulfilling his/her purpose?

3) Is this source clear and focused?

4) Was it helpful and does it offer pertinent knowledge on your subject?

5) Would you recommend this source for others doing a similar project on this subject?

You do not have to read the entire book. Reading introductions, conclusions, skimming through chapters, etc. will suffice, as long as you get to know the book, its tone and purpose. Make sure that you answer all these questions. Each annotation should be at least a half a page in length.

Please make sure that there are no repetitions and that the words are clear and no grammatical error. The sentences need to be coherent and they need to complement each other. The sources need to be from books. no online sources please. Focus more on the annotated bibliography as I already started working on the thesis section. I just need a little help finishing it. make sure I get the paper back in 6 hours as requested. Follow the instructions please. also make that there are no repetitions on the annotated bibliography.


Students Name Professor`s Name Course Number Date of Submission Fear and Loathing Abstract Fear and Loathing is a book that focuses on discrimination and drug abuse that was carried out in Colorado. Louis Brandeis observed that a single state was courageous in a way such that its citizens opted to serve as laboratories in order to try economic and social experiments of marijuana. This is great sacrifice since the state was doing it on behalf of other states in the country. However, it is clear that a state can invoke the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in order to challenge marijuana legalization. This is what happened; it is clear that marijuana legalization was challenged by the Supreme Court both in Colorado and in other states. The approach was in contrary to the provisions of the constitution as quoted in the novel “the Constitution permits states to try novel social-economic experiments” (Thompson 3). However, this has been restricted if it goes beyond certain standards. The novel also points that “such measures are allowed only when they are without risk to rest of the country” (Thompson 4). Therefore, it is clear that a state can pu

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