1. Explain at least TWO civilizations which flouri

1. Explain at least TWO civilizations which flourished in North America before European contact.

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American History to 1865 Research Assignment Paper


Exam I
Part I (70 points):
Choose 7 out of 10 and answer each question fully. All answers must be in full sentences and at least one paragraph long. 
--> All answers must be derived from the assigned class materials= class lectures, the textbook: THE AMERICAN JOURNEY COMBINED VOLUME 8TH EDITION BY DAVID GOLDFIELD, and the INTERNET MODERN HISTORY SOURCEBOOK(http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/modsbook.html)
1. Explain at least TWO civilizations which flourished in North America before European contact.
2. Compare and Contrast the way that THREE Northern colonies were founded.
3. Describe the role that slavery played in the settlement of at least TWO Southern colonies.
4. Discuss at least THREE religion-related events which occurred in Massachusetts Bay Colony. 
5. Discuss the relationship between the colonies and Britain after the French and Indian War,
including any resulting parliamentary actions.
6. Describe the events of April 18, 1775 in detail, including any consequences.
7. Compare and Contrast at least THREE battles of the American Revolution.
8. Discuss the goals of the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists, including any changes to the 
Constitution which resulted from the controversy.
9. Describe the basic principles of American government, including the way Presidents are elected, 
and the ideas behind the concept of the separation of powers.

10. Explain at least TWO foreign policy issues and TWO domestic issues that John Adams 

encountered as President.

Part II (30 points):

Identify and describe at least FIVE differences between the Articles of Confederation and the 

Constitution of the United States of America. A complete answer will be between 1-3 pages long.


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American History to 1865

1 Two Civilizations Which Flourished In North America before European Contact

Following a period of nomadic life among the ancient Indians who settled in permanent villages in North America, a new cultural stage that introduced fishing, farming, and poetry making was established. Hunting was advanced to a much faster approach that focused on elusive mammals such as the antelopes, deer’s, caribous, and the moose (David Goldfield n.p). The culture of North America’s early population represented approaches that adapted to the changing environment that granted opportunities for agricultural practices. During this time, people resorted to the weaving of baskets and the use of stone grinders to prepare plants and roots that were collected for food, with this giving birth to civilization. The Indians in America brought about three different civilizations that include:

* The Adena-Hopewell Culture originating from Ohio River Valley

* The Mississippi Culture that originated from the South West

* Hohokam-Anasazi Culture from the Southwest

The Adena-Hopewell Culture

The Adena-Hopewell culture is currently known as the American Midwest that broug...

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