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Becoming an English professor is not a piece of cake. You have to clear CELTA course and once you clear this course and you get the certificate then you will be considered a qualified English language teacher. If you pursue this course, you will go through multiple tasks and assignments that you will be given by your professors. Learners who are beginner and new to this course, often go through strain when they are loaded with assignments. To get rid of this difficulty, they opt for CELTA assignment help that assists them writing their CELTA papers.

Obstacles which make CELTA students get CELTA assignment help

Many reasons are here which make the students get assistance from outside. However, the scarcity of time and focus is the main reason which makes the students take CELTA assignment help. Students who have to do work with their studies could not get the classes regularly due to that they skip the important topics from the mid of the semester makes a cluster of the concepts in their minds. To get rid of such a situation it is the best solution to get the online CELTA assignment help from experts. If you are a student and do not have an idea of referencing and research then get help with celta assignments, where our writers will make your assignment by mingling all corners of the study. Therefore, your all obstacles in academic life will be addressed here so hit us up anytime.

Levels of CELTA assignment:

CELTA course consists of four levels and each of them has a different learning purpose. No matter what level you are in, you will have to take CELTA assignment help.

CELTA assignment level 1

The purpose of CELTA assignment 1 is to focus on the learner. In assignment 1 of CELTA, you will be asked to comment on one student or learner from the group you are teaching. For this assignment, you have to focus on the background, strengths, and weaknesses in learning English. A learner should also give suggestions which can help students to improve their English language. The words count for this assignment is around 1000-1200 words which are divided into three parts that are learner’s background, analysis of the student’s language problem and the suggestion activities for students to improve their English.

CELTA assignment level 2

The goal of the CELTA assignment 2 is to focus on language skills and awareness. In this level of CELTA you will be given examples of language to work with and you got to cover specific aspects of these examples. You will be asked to explain some piece of vocabulary with examples that you will be given. You will have to explain Meaning, Conveying meaning, Checking understanding, and pronunciation. If you are worried about your CELTA course then let me tell you that you don’t need to worry because CELTA course in for people with little or no experience.

CELTA assignment level 3

CELTA assignment 3 rotates around the tasks that are related to the language skills. One must be flexible while choosing this level of CELTA because as this is based on the authentic piece of English language. For assignments of this level, you can use various sources such as articles, songs, videos, books, and so on. Now once you have gathered authentic piece of knowledge, now you got to think about what you want your students to learn and create tasks around it. You will have to explain why you have chosen this task and you got to briefly describe it. If you take this level of assignment of CELTA course, you will have to keep your goals and objectives clear in your mind. If you have clarity, you will be able to accomplish your objectives and aims.

CELTA assignment level 4

CELTA assignment 4 is the last and final course of the assignment. The assignment 4 helps in reflecting what you have done in the whole course of CELTA. This assignment is the ending part of CELTA course requiring extreme professionalism and accuracy in its compilation. CELTA assignment 4 requires the learner what they have understood in the whole journey of teaching. Evaluating the aspects of the classroom teaching, classroom management, and lesson planning with the demonstration of strengths and pitfalls throughout the teaching process, such assignments and tasks come with a broad list of projects and activities to evaluate an individual as a professional teacher. No matter how technical or simple your activities or tasks are in the last stage, our writers can perfectly attempt them helping you compile your final assignment in no time.

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What does CELTA allow:

  • Develops knowledge and awareness of the language so that one can apply it while practicing professionally.
  • Become familiar with the principle and practices of an effective adult English teaching.

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