Which theories and research findings about memor

Which theories and research findings about memory should be considered when making a successful advertisement?

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Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology




Assignment Type: Essay


Deadline: 4th May 4pm


Word Limit: 1500 words (excluding references)


The assessment will be marked out of 100, and it forms 50% of your module mark. The pass mark is 40%.


This assignment will assess your knowledge and understanding of the Cognitive material covered in this module. The lectures and assignment support seminars should form the basis of your work in addition to your own further reading around the topic.


Choose ONE question from the two options below and write an essay using the question as your essay title.


  1. 1.   What processes of attention should be considered when trying to design an effective advertising campaign?


  1. 2.   Which theories and research findings about memory should be considered when making a successful advertisement?


Each question focuses on a different aspect of cognition, so you will need to focus your answer on Attention OR Memory. You must answer the question by clearly describing and evaluating the cognitive processes that you include in your essay. You should also support your answer using relevant findings from cognitive psychology.


When writing your essay, you may want to consider the following:

-      What aspects of cognition directly influence how an individual will attend to, or remember an advertisement?

-      How do these factors affect the success of adverts?

-         What sorts of advertisements are successful and why?





Assessment criteria:

  1. Structure – your essay should have a clear and logical structure. Remember, an essay always has an Introduction, and always has a Conclusion (that is based on the information presented in the essay)
  2. Understanding of the topic area – your ability to include relevant theories and findings and explain these will show how much you understand the topic area
  3. Evidence of further reading – you should not rely solely on lecture notes
  4. Critical analysis of the information – it is not sufficient to describe the information presented, you have to explain this information and ensure it is clearly related to the question you are answering
  5. Accurate referencing – you must adhere to the Harvard APA 6th style
  6. Good spelling and grammar


Key skills and learning outcomes:

Completion of the essay will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of key cognitive principles. It will also give you experience of how the underlying principles and concepts in cognitive psychology can be applied to real-world contexts (in this case advertising). You will also develop your skills in computer literacy and written communication.



REMEMBER – this is NOT an assignment about advertising. It is an assignment about cognitive processing. To achieve a good mark in this piece of work you should focus on theories and findings from cognitive psychology and then relate these to advertising.



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