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Week One


Assignment Question:


“Custom Creatures” is a bio-tech start up that specialises in designing unique and customisable animals for the uber-rich to keep as pets.  They currently have seven employees whose PCs are linked by a small LAN.  Each PC shares services (such as printing) and files to the others on the LAN.


What type of network model is being used at Custom Creatures?  Describe one (1) advantage and one (1) disadvantage of this model.


Week Two


Assignment Question:


Up until now, Custom Creatures has used a wired LAN.  The seven (7) PCs are connected to switch ports capable of 100Mbps.  CEO, Dr Frank Stein, has just been talking to his son, Adam.  Adam thinks his Dad should replace the switch with a wireless Access Point (AP) that uses the 802.11ac standard.  The AP would operate at 1.2Gbps.   Assuming all PCs were simultaneously using the LAN, would the AP deliver faster or slower speeds to the users?  Explain your reasoning by including estimates of effective bandwidth for each case.


Week Three


Assignment Question:


Custom Creatures decided implement the Wi-Fi AP in addition to the wired LAN.  They purchased a wireless router that also doubles as a file server. Adam is the only one with a wireless capable device, so he’s the only one who can connect to it.  He’s been asked to upload the genetic sequencing database to the file server on the router; the database is one gigabyte (1GB) in size.


How long would it take to send this file to the router?  What is the goodput of this transmission?Show all working. 


Things you need to consider: 


  • The AP on the router has a rated speed of 1.2Gbps.
  • There is only one (1) user on the network.
  • Assumein this instance that all measurements are in powers of ten (G = 109)
  • Assume that there is an additional 1 gigabit of packet and frame headers.
  • When calculating throughput, assume the normal level of loss through errors, signal degradation & RTS.
  • Assume there are no other delays or overheads.


Week Four


Assignment Question:


Custom Creatures operates out of a facility in a sprawling technology park.  There are two buildings, one containing the offices and laboratories and another, about 200 meters away, which is essentially a series of cages containing “the product”.  Recently some of the highly-engineered “product” picked the locks and broke free.  The CEO has now decided to install cameras and alarms at the “product” site.  These systems send data via internet protocols so will require network connectivity.  Adam has suggested that they dig a trench and lay Cat5 cable between the buildings but the CEO is convinced the new Wi-Fi network will be adequate.  Why are both solutions going to fail?  Give one other alternative network media connectivity option, outlining its advantages and disadvantages.


Week Five


Assignment Question:


Although the Custom Creatures LAN is small, the recent success of the Long-Haired Goldfish has meant that the company will soon be expanding.  Up until now, each PC has been manually configured with an IP address.  Why won’t this work in the future?  What service needs to be set up instead?  What information does this service provide to client PCs?


Week Six


Assignment Question:


Up until now, every device on the Custom Creatures LAN has been allocated a public class C address by their ISP.  However, with the growth of the company, they are going to need thousands more addresses which the ISP can’t supply.


How could LAN be set up so that the Custom Creatures only requires one (1) public IP address from its ISP?  In answering the question, describe the LAN IPv4 addressing scheme/range and explain how the technology that will allow all the PCs to gain access to the Internet works.


Week Seven


Assignment Question:


Adam thinks he’s a bit of a hacker and knows all there is to know about security.  He’s assured his Dad that his, er, the company’s Wi-Fi network is secure because he’s hidden the network by disabling the SSID broadcast and has locked it down using MAC filtering, allowing only the MAC address of his laptop to connect.  Why are both security measures ineffective?  List and describe the purpose of two (2) other security options that should be enabled.


Week Eight


Assignment Question:


A hacktivist group opposing all forms of genetic-modification is targeting Custom Creatures.  To put pressure on the business, they are attacking its web server by flooding it with ICMP packets from hosts located all around the world.  What type of attack is this?  Explain how installing a firewall could mitigate this attack.


Week Nine



Assignment Question:


Adam has an idea for a cloud-based application that would revolutionise the business by allowing customers to design and order the pet of their dreams on their tablets and phones from the comfort of their own mansions.  However, Adam needs a development server and then, once the software is deployed, a hosting solution to provide access to the software.  What type of cloud computing service is appropriate to this situation?  Justify your answer.


Week Ten


Assignment Question:


Custom Creatures uses special genetic sequencing software that only runs on Windows.  Unfortunately, the CEO didn’t know this when Adam convinced him to replace all the PCs with MacBook Pros running macOS.  How could virtualisation solve this problem?  What type of virtualisation would be used?  Give an example of the name of a product that could be used.






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