What is your dream? Do you have any specific aim

What is your dream? Do you have any specific aim in life?

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I Have a Dream: My Dream for Change

I Have a Dream To do this assignment you must contact your teacher for a conversation exercise. The topic will be I Have a Dream. Preparation: As preparation you need to: • Read Martin Luther King`s speech I Have a Dream. Instructions: For this assignment, please read the information below: The topic of this assignment is I Have a Dream. After reading Martin Luther King`s famous speech about his dreams of a better world we would like you to think about the following questions and be prepared to talk about your own dreams in life. • What is your dream? Do you have any specific aim in life? How are you going to reach it or have you perhaps already fulfilled a dream or reached a goal you have strived for? You should also be prepared to talk about the speech you have listened to. • Which parts did you like/dislike? Why? Did you find the speech moving? Give reasons. Do you think Martin Luther King`s dream has come true if you look at America (and the rest of the world) today? These are some of the questions the conversation should be based on, but you could of course bring up other aspects of the topic as well. Remember that you are the one to start the conversation. We will not ask you the questions above explicitly; instead you should bring them up as a natural part of the conversation. The conversation will last for approximately ten minutes including the teacher`s questions and you have to think about the topic before hand so that you are prepared. If you want to you could use your own notes or perhaps a mind-map, but you are not allowed to read from a paper though.
I Have a Dream: My Dream for Change by: (student`s name) (subject) (date of submission) My Dreams for Change I am a high school student and my dream is equality for everybody. I dream that someday, there will be no more rich and poor and all will be living in contentment and happiness. I dream of a world that has no boundaries where everyone is free to do what is right, based on their own will and not because of what society dictates to them. I dream of a community full of moral values, of justice and unity. It will be a place where you are free from the chains that prevent people from doing what`s inside their hearts. It...
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