what is the unique angle?

what is the unique angle?

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To Spread Awareness about the Issues Related to Smoking Tobacco


Topic: To spread awareness about the issues related to smoking tobacco
This topic statement is too vague. Of course, we all know that smoking is bad…what is the unique angle?
Whatis the problem inherently associated with the topic (aka, why do we need a speech about this issue?): Cancer and multiple other health hazards associated with smoking as well as secondhand smoke. Ok, certainly. 
Is there a need to change? (Is there a problem with the current status quo? Describe it.)
The status quo in teens is that smoking is “cool” and “stress relieving”... we need to change that and provide healthy stress relieving outlets for college students. Are we referring to cigarettes? Because, as it stands, Tobacco Free Florida as well as other governmental agencies have been waging this campaign at teenagers for decades. How and why would you choose this topic to attack if this is such a well-known issue? Further, how will your speech target your particular audience here in south Florida?
What is the proposed plan for change? How will you show that the plan can solve the problem discussed above? 
Our plan for change is educating college students about the hazards of smoking and what it is doing to our bodies. We hope that by educating college students about the harm that they will not want to smoke anymore if they do currently, or that they will never smoke in their life if they haven’t already.
Unfortunately, most everyone knows that smoking is bad for them. They simply find ways to rationalize this behavior one way or another (cognitive dissonance as well as the theory of reasoned action speak to this). The problem is not a lack of awareness or knowledge…
What would the world look like if your solution is carried out? What would the world look like if your solution is not carried out? 
We believe that if our solution is carried out, many people will live longer and healthier lives. Cancer will be slightly reduced as well.
Prospective audience:
What do you know about your prospective audience? 
Stressed Nova Southeastern University communication majors.
So, are you directly speaking to only this audience or all undergrad NSU students? Also, how many of your fellow students are habitual smokers? If it’s a small number, then I don’t understand how this topic is relevant to your audience.
What,if any, barriers to persuasion exist within your audience? 
People who never plan to smoke The barriers, as I mentioned above, are really more about the notion that people already know it is bad to smoke. How can change be implemented when people already know what they are doing is bad for them?
Is the topic relevant to your audience? Why or why not?
We believe that it is relevant because many people know the harm of cigarettes but still smoke hookah, and do not know the harms of that. Hookah is popular among college students at Nova Southeastern University.
How is the plan relevant to your audience? 
The plan is relevant because we plan to educate our classmates on the harms of smoking tobacco, beyond what the creepy commercials tell. Are the creepy commercials lying? What is there to tell about harms beyond the creepy commercials?
What tools of persuasion (at least theories/theorists we’ve discussed so far) do you envision helping you in preparation for your project? 
Audience attitudes and beliefs: consistency theories. By keeping things consistent, we can emphasize the harms of tobacco in any form. The goal is to change the attitude about tobacco. Need more detail here. What do you mean by “keeping things consistent”?
Identify a speaker/speakers that you would like your presentation to emulate? Look to
http://www.ted.com/ for inspiration.
Judson Brewer: http://www.ted.com/talks/judson_brewer_a_simple_way_to_break_a_bad_habit
Honestly, smoking tobacco as a speech topic is dangerous because – at least as it is written here – does not provide any unique information. As such, speech topics like this are usually banned from my public speaking class because no amount of time can change someone from a deeply anchored will to smoke – no matter what information they are presented with.
I highly advise you to consider changing your topic or at least find a way to narrow your topic down to something more interesting and unique.
One option you refer to in passing in your worksheet is hookah smoking. That could potentially be a different and unique avenue, especially since the CDC notes that it is popular among youth. (http://www.cdc.gov/features/hookahsmoking/)
However, there is a lot more work to be done to make this speech come together, even if you do go the hookah route – I would expect you to dig deep. That means tracing the research from the CDC and other sources on hookah usage to give your speech relevant and significant evidence. It would also mean that you interview classmates and perhaps investigate local hookah establishments to see what kinds of warnings they have or what kind of clientele they serve.
Please update your worksheet and send it back to me by March 11th. 


Stop Smoking Name: Institution: Course: Date: Stop Smoking Today I would like to address an age old debate and one that is still fresh in most of the basic conversations. Smoking; we all know that it is a habit that is causal factor in the greatest majority of the deaths that take place in the world today ("WHO |

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