What is the most valuable lesson learned from the

What is the most valuable lesson learned from the reading?

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Rel & Soc Development

The first page must contain a summary of the article. Cannot surpass one page. Second page must contain the following: Strengths and weaknesses of the article Compare the reading to another reading (both readings will be given in a seperate file) What is the most valuable lesson learned from the reading? Prepare one discussion based question based on an important topic from the reading. Write the question at the bottom of the summary page. Your questions should extend a challenge or apply knowledge gained from the readings. However, don`t ask a question that requires detailed background information. So basically, a generalized question about the reading that people who don`t know the reading can think about and answer (opinion based question)
Religion & Society DevelopmentNameGrade Course:Tutor`s Name:(January 31, 2012)Religion & Society DevelopmentThe summary of To Save All Beings: Buddhist Environmental Activism, in Engaged Buddhism in the West by Kaza.Kaza`s article seeks to relate religion with environment. It defines the role of Buddhist activists in the overall improvement of the ecosystem. It effectively does this through the assistance of a small group known as the ecosattva. Being a small group which is committed to conserve environment, ecosattva aimed at saving all beings by granting them a habitable place to live in. Both ecosattva and bodhisattva significantly contributed established an environmental activism. They did this with an aim of saving the endangered species, forests and rivers. Having been motivated by some ecological concerns, Buddhists established an eco-spiritual activism movement. The association also triggered development of a parallel academic development course in Religion and Ecology field (Kaza, 2000).As Joanna Macy suggested, Buddhism is currently undergoing a major revolutionary shift towards environmental improvement. The same has been observed in Northern America, where Buddhist has likewise joined their counterparts in promoting the ecosystem. Buddhists teachers and students continue to use literature in airing their views and ideas to their fellow coll...
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