What is anthrax

What is anthrax

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What is anthrax


Page One – Body of summary

Summary (in the student’s OWN words) of the article (9 points)
-summary portion must be one FULL page, single-spaced (1.0 spacing – no title or heading needed);
-1” margins; LEFT justified (not Center)
-Times New Roman and 12 font;
-use proper paragraph organization (no spaces between paragraphs), proper grammar and spelling;
-summary must be included in order for any points to be earned.

Page Two –

A. Critique/analysis of the article by the student: Why did you choose this topic
and what did you think of the article? (two paragraphs max) (2 points)

B. Citation (4 points) – make sure the web address is a hyperlink that I can click on and access the website.

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