What does the service offer allow to do as a compa

What does the service offer allow to do as a company, review pages 7-9 as this will help you add the extra detail?

The primary theme of the paper is What does the service offer allow to do as a company, review pages 7-9 as this will help you add the extra detail? in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $129 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.

Q3 – What does the service offer allow to do as a company, review pages 7-9 as this will help you add the extra detail?

Q4a – Although you have some good information this question needs you to explain and you have listed the reasons for importance of delivering consistently high-quality service. Please can you review your answer forming full sentences? 

Q9a & 9b – both of these questions need you to relate legislation to an environment in which you have worked and how this can impact on customer service.

Q10 – please can you review your learning material on pages 33-38; this will then help you to explain how the ethical choice made such as only using Fairtrade products can impact on the customer and the steps an organisation might need to take?

Q12 – Can you explain how sensitive information might be protected in relation to security and storage, pages 38-40 should help.

Q13- please can you explain what each of these means wants, needs and expectations, pages 40-53 will help with this.

Q15 – Please can you explain why managing customers and managers’ expectations need to be taken in to account? Pages 40-53 will help you answer this question.

Q18a – It is important to follow up on actions and promises, can you explain what would happen if you didn’t?

Q20 – Can you identify the piece of legislation that relates to this question and what requirements they may have?

Q21 – Can you explain your answer to this question a little further after reviewing pages 57-60.

Q22 – you are correct by meeting the needs of the customer through keeping promises will make those customers loyal, can you explain why the company’s needs should be balanced with the promises made to the customer? What could be the impact of they don’t?

Q23 – if you were at work and a customer came into complain can you explain when and to whom you would escalate the complaint to; pages 63-64 will help you answer this.

Q26 – after reviewing pages 66-72 can you explain the importance of systems to manage customer service information, consider the types of systems that could be used and why an efficient and well managed system is important.

Q28 – can you please review pages 73-76 and identify the features of sections/elements that make up an effective complaints process.

Q29 – You are correct organisations should be accepting of customer complaints; however can you describe the use of the customer complaints procedure. Reviewing pages 73-76 will help you answer this question.

Q32 – can you review your answer to this question to further explain the importance of using customer service language that reflects and supports the brand promise. Reviewing pages 76-83 will help you.

Q33 – Please review pages 76-83 and identify your role as customer service in ensuring the brand promise is delivered. If you are unsure what this means please ask.


Please can you review these answers as the questions have asked you to explain or describe and you have composed bulleted lists.

Q4b, Q14, Q18b, Q24, Q25

Q41 – This question has asked you to explain, although you have made a good first attempt but you do need to provide further detail on the potential consequences of customer dissatisfaction. 

Q43 – please can you give more detail in your responses to this question as you have been asked to describe different methods of attracting and retaining customers?

Q47 – Can you further explain how reputation is an internal influence on the organisation?

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