What do you know about the organisation in the cas

What do you know about the organisation in the case scenario for the Report?Write about the type of the organisation and its current business focus (industry and geographical scope), its size, and its location.

The primary theme of the paper is What do you know about the organisation in the case scenario for the Report?Write about the type of the organisation and its current business focus (industry and geographical scope), its size, and its location. in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $109 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.


The organization is located in Brisbane and it is an Artificial Intelligence Company and from geographicviewpoint it is planning to increase its activities within Australia and the Asian region.The organisation is a small sized. It functions in several fields like robotics, mining, transport and manufacturing industries. As a part of diversification strategy,the CEO believes Robotics is the technology will help them to develop and to lead the core competency,

  1. As per the case scenario, what is the problem/challenge faced by this organisation?Write in a paragraph of 2 – 3 sentences.


As per the case scenario, the main challenges faced by this organisation is risks, potential use and implications of robotics. Lack of experience and knowledge about the technology and security problems.


SECTION 2(1 mark)

  1. What is the overall purpose of this report (why does the ICT manager need to write it)?Write in a paragraph of 2 – 3 sentences.

            The main purpose of this report is to develop a strategic plan for the organisation by getting some solutions for the findings and make some recommendations that helps to increase the business in various fields in making . These all findings, solutions, recommendations made should be discussed in the executive management meetings for consideration.

  1. What are the key tasks and sub-tasks to be explored in the report? You may useeither paragraph format or list format to answer.

The key tasks are Diversification of the organisation in few years and use of robotics in an efficient and effective manner to explore the organisation.



  1. In Week 5 you were provided with instructions how to access two academic referenceswith instructions to review them before the Week 6 Workshop/class (PA3 assessment date).

Your answers for Section 3must be based on the references provided. Otherwise the answers will not be marked and will be awarded 0 marks.


  1. Review the two references using the Triple R framework (Relevance, Reliability and Reputability).(3 marks)

Write your answers in two to three sentences for each cell in the table. You can use either paragraph or list format to complete the table. You do not need to provide references.


Task Question

Reference 1

Reference 2

Is the referencerelevant to my report topic? Assess the extent of relevance and explain your reason/s.

Yes, the given reference is relevant to report topic. It has been explained about the potential problems and robotics and how the technology has to be used.


Yes, it is relevant.

It has been discussed the potential problems.

Is the information in this reference reliable? Is it up to date and is it supported by evidence? Justify your answer.

Yes, It is reliable. It is up to date that it has given in 2016.

Yes, given reference is reliable. It is up to date and supported by evidence. It is published in June, 2016.

Is this reference reputable? Assess the author’s credentials and the publication details of the reference to justify your answer.

It is reputable. This reference is from Journal.

It is not Reputable. Because it is a blog so that anyone can change it as per their opinion.

  1. Evaluatethe two references based on the information from the table above. Select whichreference would be more suitable to use for yourReport(Assessment 3) as an academic reference to support your arguments.


Explain your reason/s for your selection, referring to the Triple R framework(1 mark).

Your answer should be written in approximately 3 sentences, using paragraph format.You do not need to provide references for your answer.


As per the reference 1 it is relevant, reliable and reputable and it satisfied all the triple R framework. In this potential problems faced by organisations and use of technology and recommendations have been given which are related to case scenario report. It is published in 2016 and it is journal. Where as reference 2 satisfies Reliable and relevant but reputability is not there because it is a blog so that anyone can change it.



  1. Paraphrase the text in the image provided below, using the paraphrasing skills covered in ALC sessions. Write your answer in 3–5 sentences where possible.
  2. You may use either author prominent or information prominent format for your in-text citation.
  3. Provide in-text referencing details according to the CQU APA Referencing guidelines at
  4. You do not need to provide the full reference at the end of your answer.
  5. You must paraphrase the specific paragraph given below in your answer. Paraphrasing a different paragraph will result in a 0 mark for Section 4.
  6. Check grammar and spelling before submitting your paragraph.

(Murashov, Hearl, & Howard, 2016, p. D63).

Write your paraphrased paragraph here (2 marks).

The industrial robot safety is the main approach by creating a “guarded areas” for the safe distance which is maintained between the operating robots and the human workers. A shutdown of the robot has to be used at the enteringwhile workers entering into the safe guarded area. This is the option to increase productivity as well as for safety. An assembly line of robots lead to discouragement so that productivity and good safety may be reduced for the human workers.(Murashov, Hearl and Howard,2016)


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