What cultural artifact are you exploring?

What cultural artifact are you exploring?

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Analyze Gender Issues: Cases Displays Much of Gender Inequality


Use the topic you choose for the artifact. I placed it in attachments just in case you needed it select a cultural artifact (television show, commercial, product, policy, character, advertisement, story, etc.) and explicate it through the lens of one of the theories of gender we have discussed this semester (see approved theory list below). The final project should be submitted in the form of a Prezi presentation. You can use educational Prezi account here: https://prezi.com

You will be responsible for researching their topic and relating it back to the concepts and theoretical perspectives found in the Ryle text. Projects should be between 20‐30 Prezi “slides” long. **Topics/artifacts must receive prior approval from the instructor. So choose first, then I will get approval. Then you can begin. Choose from this Approved Theory List: Liberal Feminist Theory, Radical Feminist Theory, Social Learning Theory, Social Constructionist Theory, Status Characteristics Theory, Doing Gender Theory, Sex Roles Theory, Gender Schema Theory, Cognitive‐Development Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory, Media Power Theory, Audience Power Theory, Queer Theory, Human Capital Theory Project Assignment 1. Presentation should cover the pre‐approved artifact/topic ONLY.

2. Presentation should follow the Research Project Rubric. Questions to address in your research project 1. What cultural artifact are you exploring? Provide a visual if available. 2. What is the history of the cultural artifact? 3. What theory are you using to explore the cultural artifact? 4. What are the main assumptions and who are the main theorists of the theory you have chosen? 5. How would this theory explain this cultural artifact in terms of gender? 6. What gender realities are assumed by the cultural artifact? 7. How are these assumptions socially constructed? 8. What are the social consequences of this cultural artifact? 9. Why is it important to understand the gender implications of this cultural artifact? I put the cultural artifact that you did for me in Attachments.


One of the instruments used to analyze gender issues is artifacts which, in most cases will display much of gender inequality. The cultural artifact in discussion here is the commercial for Sky Vodka. By a casual look, the advert may look like it is only about a drink and therefore, there are no gender issues for discussion. However, there is a display of gender inequality which is not even in disguise, but anyone with an interest in gender issues can fathom deep into it. This advert has been in circulation and, therefore, concerns the society. Sky Vodka has been in the market for quite a while. With time, Vodka came to realize that; there is much competition in the market, and therefore, it had to come up with atte

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