What can be learned from Zimbardo’s prison exper

What can be learned from Zimbardo’s prison experiment?

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Article: Could you be Pushed to Commit a Horrific Crime?


Unit IV

Article Review Could you be pushed to commit a horrific crime? Although most individuals can readily predict their response during a stressful situation, recent advancements have revealed that situational forces can have a far greater impact on one’s behavior than previously acknowledged. In fact, discoveries have been revealed which provide shocking insight into human behaviors and abuse. Read the article by Hong (2012) and write a two-page review examining how “normal” individuals can become vulnerable to heinous acts when placed under certain duress.

What can be learned from Zimbardo’s prison experiment? Can certain correlations be drawn from the conditions in Abu Ghraib? Could you blindly follow the commands received by an authority figure?

Hong, J. K. (2012). The Lucifer Effect: Understanding how good people turn evil. Army Lawyer, 55-58. Tips for writing your Article Review:  Introduction: This is meant to give a concise overview of the article being discussed, and is usually one paragraph in length.  Summary: This contains the summary of the article that gives the general argument(s) and overview of the featured author.  Analysis: In this portion of the paper, you should provide a review of the article. You should state whether you agree or disagree with the issues that were posed. Furthermore, you should also discuss why you agree or disagree with the author’s viewpoint(s). Do not forget to discuss the importance of this article to the field of psychology. You MUST use the material from the textbook to support your


Article Review Name Institution Article Review Introduction The Lucifer Effect is an article by Major Joon Kong which explains how being under certain circumstances can influence the way we behave. The author discusses why normal people can be transformed into murderers when placed under extreme conditions. To prove this theory, the article presents an experiment conducted at the Stanford Prison where college students` were placed in a bad situation. The article reports that the students that were actions as guards in the experiment ended up t

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