What are the impacts of incentive (reward) on the

What are the impacts of incentive (reward) on the performance of the employees?

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Impacts of incentive on the performance of the employees

Australian English please Outline: What are the impacts of incentive (reward) on the performance of the employees? The essay will be used as a transcript for a presentation. Kindly, use headings and paragraphs for the essay. Outline Introduction: -Background information Body 1 : 1-Incentive definition 2-performance definition 3-Type of employees reward: a-negative incentive Example: temporary isolation ( add more example and supported) B- positive incentive : Monetary and non-monetary incentive Example: (you can add more + explain the Example and supported ) 1-monetary- increase salary/ annual increment 2-non-monetary gift certificate/travel/day off/work at home Body 2: The effect of incentive on employees performance : Example : ( add more or different Example + explain it and supported ) 1-increase productivity 2-Raise the proportion of the profits 3-Job satisfaction 4-Reduce the proportion of the resignation 5- developing the spirit of cooperation between employees. More is needed….. Body 3: Give here an example of a Case study that show the impact of incentive on employees performance, in company or government organization, include the result of the study. Conclusion: Summaries the introduction and body and give recommendation.. NOTES: - - Plagiarism will be checked. -THE reference : must include journal, articles, web site and books in the resources. Making sure current resources. All resources must be available on the internet so I can look at them. -use some variety of grammar and vocabulary such as: Modality / perfect and continuous aspect Clause type such as Simple/complex/subordinate conjunction/ coordinating conjunction/ conjunctive adverb/nominalisation
Impacts of incentives on the performance of employeesStudent NameSchool NameIntroductionEmployees are the key component to any organization and their performance will determine the productivity of any company or organization. Hence they are the key to success of any company. Employers who want their company to be successful must be ready to invest considerably on their employees. One of the ways through which employers ensures that their company is performing well is through the use of incentives. Incentives motivate employees and will keep them engaged and committed in their work thereby enhancing their performance (Laura, 2010).DefinitionsIncentive can be defined as anything either financial or non-financial that will motivate or encourage employees to do their work effectively and efficiently (Richard & Steven, 2011). Incentives contribute to greater outputs or performance of the employees. Performance on the other hand refers to how well employees fulfill their job requirements. Performance can be determined by the effort or skill of an employee (Engellandt & Riphahn, 2011).Types of employee rewardNegative incentives; these are those type of incentive which are usually meant for those employees who are underperforming in the organization. These types of incentives are usually meant to discourage employees from certain traits which hinder their performance (Al-Nsour, 2012). Examples of negative incentives include the following; temporary isolation, suspensions without pay, demotions, penalties and fines, salary decrease, and extended working hours. In temporary isolation an employee who is underperforming will be isolated from the other employees. The isolated employee will feel uncomfortable working alone and this will enable him or her put more effort towards improving his or her performance in order to rejoin the rest of the employees again. A suspension without pay is another form of a negative incentive, which involves suspending an employee for a number of days without pay. The suspended employee will suffer the consequences of not receiving the payment for the number of days he or she is suspended. On resumption of the duty after the suspension period is over the employee will not be willing to suffer the same consequences and will try to adjust his or her effort in order to improve the performance. A negative incentive can also be in the form of salary deductions or decrease. Such type of incentive will encourage the employee to work towards improving his performance in order to avoid the deduction or decrease in salary. Penalties and fines might also be imposed to employees who are under performing hence making them work harder so that they can avoid such type of penalties and fines. Finally demotion might also be used as a means of negative incentive to enhance the performance. The demoted employee will try to work hard so as to avoid further demotion or to get promotion.Positive incentives, on the other hand are those types of incen...
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