Website interface design

Website interface design

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The online gift shop is going to be designed and the overview of gift website is discussed in report.  The designed website will be referred as “Blue Sky Project” which will provide the users with a feature of buying gifts online.  The interface will be designed by taking all the user‘s requirements in consideration. Designed website will be selling different varieties of gifts for both men/women. Gifts will be displayed on website as per the occasions. The report provides overview of website which includes vision, outcomes, scope, objectives and key assumptions and all these are explained briefly in report.


 Blue Sky Project’s vision is to design a website that looks innovative and attractive. The website will be providing customers with many new way of buying gifts online or can ship the gifts to their loved ones. Customer’s can be for the purchased items through online payment mediums. The content displayed on the site will be easily accessible, customer will able to search for particular gift item easily just by following the steps mentioned and specifying the requirements


  • “Blue sky project” enable the users buying gifts and shipping it to their loved ones online.
  • Any user can use the website as the design of website is very simple and understandable.
  • Each and every gift item available will be displayed by following the sequence and priorities which provide users with facility of selecting gift items in an easy manner.




·         Customers will be provided with user interface that can be navigated easily.

·         Design of gift items and products.

·         Modification in the pictures , content and design  come in in-scope activity

·         Updating and modifying the software

·         Gifts products will be displayed with all the details.

·         Handling the database.

·         Website will be integrated with social media such as Instagram, facebook.



 Users requirement

  • The interface should be eye catching.
  • Enhance the experience of customers of online purchasing.
  • Gifts categorisation and specification must be defined well.
  • Website should be safe to use(Ahmed, Ben Maati, & Al Mohajir, 2015)


Objectives targets and Outputs


  • Website interface design will be simple and interactive which will increase the number of users on website.
  • “Blue Sky Project” must hold an attractive designing interface which improves the shopping experience of customers online.
  • The main feature that website supports should be a flexibility and accessibility.
  • Website will make available all kind of gift items to its customers.


  • Website will be secure from any unauthorised access(Dias, & Vermunt, 2007)
  • Website will offer the customers with user-friendly design and interface.
  • Items will be displayed on website as per the priority.
  • Mapping between the designed interface and the functionalities that website will provide.


  • Targeting the customers for buying gift items from different age groups.
  • Increasing the sales and revenue.
  • Increasing the productivity.
  • Providing user with affordable gift items online.
  • Enhancing the customers shopping experience.
  • Designing friendly, simple and attractive website(Tidal, 2016)


Success criteria

  • If the website holds clarity that it can be accessed by any number of users with any problem.
  • Website should be consistent and flexible as it will help in increasing the outputs and productivity.
  • If the interface is attractive than user will enjoy their browsing experience.

Key assumption

  • Details are required to enter form the side of user for purchasing gifts.
  • Users will be satisfied with the services offered.
  • Gifts will be of affordable range.


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