Webliography: Constitution Composition and Ratific

Webliography: Constitution Composition and Ratification

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Webliography: Constitution Composition and Ratification


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Search the library for scholarly articles on the debate surrounding the composition and ratification of the Constitution. These can be primary or secondary sources but should come from academic sources. Recommended sites include: state constitutions drafted after the American Revolution; correspondence from significant colonial figures (e.g., John Dickinson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and others); the Virginia and/or New Jersey Plan; the Federalist Papers, and so on.


Constitution Composition and Ratification Name Institutional Affiliation Constitution Composition and Ratification of 1780s (2016) http://www.ushistory.org/us/16.asp The framework of a stronger new national government was crafted by a significant count of leaders at the convention in Philadelphia (1787). Since the framework would increase the power of the national government over the sovereignty, any changes were to b

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