Unit 19: Electronic Devices and Circuits

Unit 19: Electronic Devices and Circuits

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Unit 19: Electronic Devices and Circuits

Title: Analogue electronic devices and circuits

A: Explore the safe operation and applications of analogue devices and circuits that form the building blocks of commercial circuits.

You have started your first job as a Junior Technician in a local company that specializes in repairing domestic electronic equipment. The owner would like to provide opportunities for you to develop your skills and knowledge of electronic devices and circuits. The company has arranged for you use a range of test equipment and software to investigate commonly-used analogue electronic devices and the types of circuits in which they are used. They have asked you keep accurate records of everything you do so that you can refer to them later as you build up your skills and knowledge.

Carry out theoretical and practical investigations into analogue devices and circuits. You need to investigate: (a) Diodes and how they are used in a full-wave rectified power supply with voltage regulation (b) Transistors and how they are used in a stabilized common-emitter amplifier (c) Operational amplifiers and how they are used in an amplifier circuit You need to provide evidence that you have consistently worked safely in accordance with relevant risk assessments. To do this you will need to work systematically following the guide below, at each stage identifying risks associated with your tasks: (a) Diode circuits (i) Identify different types of diode and their uses. Write a brief summary for each type. (ii) Construct a schematic diagram of a half-wave rectifier circuit by using circuit simulation software and, using the same software, simulate the operation the half-wave rectifier circuit. Use the Zener diode and series resistor Rz and shunt capacitor Cz specified for you in the table supplied. (iii) Develop the circuit schematic and simulation to a full-wave rectifier with capacitor smoothing and Zener diode voltage regulation.

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