To Blame Mass Media for Adolescent Appearance Pres

To Blame Mass Media for Adolescent Appearance Presentation

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To Blame Mass Media for Adolescent Appearance Presentation


Mass media creates, produces, and promotes multitudes of ideas that have enormous influence on adolescent population, and perceptions of themselves; how they look as they relate to media. Media is criticized for producing unrealistic male and female body images, which in turn leads young people at adolescent to believe that those images are the ideal ones, and that one should strive to achieve them (Holmstrom, 2004). These stereotypical images can sometimes lead young people, especially the girls to make unhealthy decisions, and confusion on how to care for one’s body during adolescent stage, and development.

Girls reported more appearance pressure from media as compared to boys. Middle adolescent girls reported more body dissatisfaction than their peers did (Chen et al., 2013). The influences also concern the types of clothing, some which may imply poor morals owing to their bad appearances, and gadgets like the smartphones where more of the adolescents are constantly watching out for the trending designs. The situation greatly affects the self-esteem of the boys and girls in that those who cannot keep up with the trend are left out feeling bad about themselves. Such pressures sometimes are even transferred to parents who are the ones supposed to finance the trendy behaviors of their kids.

Mass media is to blame for adolescent appearance among the young people. Young boys and girls can make unhealthy decisions on how to care for oneself during adolescent. The purpose of this is to inform young people at adolescent the importance of comprehensive enlightening experience in media literacy.  


Mass Media for Adolescent Appearance “The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent; that is power. Because they control the minds of the masses” (Thinkexist, 2015). How the mass media affects adolescent appearance is a questions that needs serious and objective analysis of the society today. When answering the question, one needs to ask the question, “How does mass media affects the way boys and girls at adolescent f

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