The Strategic Plan: Oral Presentation Research Pap

The Strategic Plan: Oral Presentation Research Paper

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The Strategic Plan: Oral Presentation Research Paper


Oral communication is essential in the business setting. Write a 250 word essay for 5-10 minute oral presentation that narrates your strategic plan from inception through evaluation. (Please see attached Strategic Planning).
This essay presenting the plan will be posted on video using YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Prezi, or any other video site that allows to post video. Be sure to address the "why" and "how" in your narrative. Imagine you are presenting your strategic plan in a meeting with your superior and other essential stakeholders to approve your plan. During this meeting you will field questions.
Evaluating the success of the goal would include among others, how many new clients/ the census within the period.


Oral Presentation Name Institution Date Purpose: To support the case for the strategic plan from the inception through evaluation. Strategic goal: Increase sales by 10 - 15 % in 12 months by reaching out to Country clubs, assisted living facilities, Veteran associations and organizations where the elite hang out. Background Elderly Care Services will seek to improve client satisfaction and deliver the

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