The Influence of wages on Job Motivation in Hong K

The Influence of wages on Job Motivation in Hong Kong

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The Influence of wages on Job Motivation in Hong Kong

Please kindly read the attached files carefully and follow the recommended structure. For research method, please use quantitative data only. Before collecting data and preform data analysis, please send the questionnaire for data collection to me first for reviewing. Thanks.

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Abstract example of a previous paper

The study of motivation and satisfaction in the workplace has become a subject of intense interest
amongst numerous fields of studies. However, especially nowadays, as business and organizations
experiencing the effects of the worst economic recession in decades, the understanding of the
importance of these concepts is essential for its continued survival. The purpose of this paper is a) to
study the role of motivation and satisfaction in the workplace, according to the recent literature,
especially during recession b) to identify the most important factors of motivation – satisfaction that
could lead the employees of Local Authority, to a more efficient behavior, under the conditions of the
current economic crisis and c) to find out if these factors are differentiated in relation to their sociodemographic
and job related features. The survey took place in April 2014. During this time Greece
was experiencing an economic recession. The study was conducted through a structured questionnaire.
The sample consisted of (85) employees of Local Authority. The survey revealed that the most
important motivating factors for Local Authority (Regional Unity of Grevena) employees, were
interesting work, equal and fair treatment, good working relationships with supervisors and colleagues,
objective assessment and good salary.

In today’s business environment of globalization and intense competition, companies and organizations
have to face among others the challenges of the “Great Recession”, the worst global financial crisis in
decades. Greece, in particular, have severely impacted experiencing in additional the impact of the
worst debt crisis. The Memorandum austerity measures imposed in Greece since May of 2010 (that
Greece resorted to the International Monetary Fund) until today had a serious negative impact on labor
issues. Specifically, in April of 2014, in the investigation period, the unemployment climbed up to
27.1%. Thousands of people lost their jobs in both the public and private sectors, while at the same
time major salary reductions occurred. Take a look at motivation…….

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