Techonolgy of Entertainment

Techonolgy of Entertainment

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Techonolgy of Entertainment


Technical review about "L`accordeur"
Short Film--L`accordeur

The first section should regard cameras. I want you to address how many setups there are, the types of shots (CU, wide, Medium shots), and other concerns referencing our discussions in class.

The second section should reference lighting. Specifically three point lighting, lighting ratios, color palette, and other issues we have discussed in class.

The third section should discuss sound in relation to both production and post production sound. What difficulties were there in sound, what is the music like? Are the words in sync? Are there a lot of sound effects? What do you think the director told the sound designer regarding the soundscape (The overall Ў§feelЎЁ of the sound in the show)

Technology of EntertainmentStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Technology of entertainmentSection 1: cameras In the short film, close-up shots were seen when at the 45th second, the frame covers the face and chest of man without shirt; tight close-up was when hands of man playing piano; shot of a dead man who had been stabbed on the head; man playing piano at 6:12 minute; and lady dressing at 4:25 minute; and dialogue at restaurant between blind man and another man. Wide shot was when a man moves to play piano on stage. The shot shows the whole stage and where the man is at. The shot is also used at the 5:45 minute when the blind man is walking on the street. Medium shot was the most extensive shot utilized in the film. It was seen when the man was lieing on bed; when 2 men were conversing at a restaurant as they took coffee; o...
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