Study and comparison of different enterprise datab

Study and comparison of different enterprise database management systems (DPMS) research paper

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Some example of (DPMS) :
Microsoft sequel server
Oraclel database

I need project specification and a timeline

Sample paper

The concept of Oracle database came in 1980 after Oracle begun releasing the relational database management system (RDBMS) for commercial Purposes. It was the first ever form of database that was created solely for commercial purposes at the time and the nature of most database was note created in such a way that it facilitated easier manipulation of data though the use of queries and joins. However, Oracle came to revolutionize this with the added features of Joins and Queries. Oracle 2 was the first form of Oracle RDBMS and it was written to support basic features of the structured Query language. In the years that followed after the first release Oracle corporation made alterations to its first model through increased updates that gave rise to database jargons such as scalability, programmable, portable and distributed. In the years that later followed and at every face of changes in user demands, Oracle would make changes to its database to satisfy the market changes to adapt to the changing environment (Hong, Mingda and Weiting 248).

The first notable change occurred in 1985 where the company made an addition of the client server model since they were anticipating for the growing communication network needs. Other transformations that occurred such as the adoption of the internet paved way for other features such as the Java Virtual Machine to accommodate the digital transformation. The latest version of Oracle is Oracle 12c a modern version of a database with features such as data redaction, a feature that seeks to enhance its security for the most sensitive data, Oracle Advanced Analytics platform that facilitates further data manipulation and in-depth understanding of the data. There also exists the new flash data Archive a new feature to facilitate the storage and planning of how data will be compacted and stored.

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