What are some main points that you found interesti

What are some main points that you found interesting?

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Air Cargo Ground Support


Go to YouTube (http://www.youtube.com (Links to an external site.)). In the search box on the YouTube page, please type in one of the topics below and complete a video review and analysis of one of the following topics:

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Ground Handling Process Air Cargo


Fork Lifts used in air cargo

Air cargo loading

Air cargo off loading

Air cargo handling

Post the Youtube link with a brief synopsis of your selected air cargo ground support equipment video. What are some main points that you found interesting?


Air Cargo Ground Support Name Institution Date Air Cargo Ground Support Air transport is a major component for several international airlines. The most challenging part is how to manage, control and ensure goods, information, and other services flow without interruptions especially on the ground. The video about JBT AeroTech CLT-8 describes JBT AeroTech CLT-8 Container Lifting Transporter as one of the latest inventions offering solutions and services based on high-value applications that provide loading capacity to the main deck. The sophisticated cargo handling equipment provides lower lobe containe

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