User Manual for a Safeway Blood Pressure Monitor

User Manual for a Safeway Blood Pressure Monitor

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User Manual for a Safeway Blood Pressure Monitor


In roughly 500-750 words (probably 2-3 pages), give a step-by-step explanation on how to complete a single task or a group of tasks (depending on their complexity) for a technical device. Your audience is someone who is unfamiliar with the device and, for all practical purposes, has never used a device like it. 

The assignment must be typed and formatted in such a way that you feel is appropriate for the task (bulleted items, numbered steps, etc.)

The manual must follow the four divisions that we have discussed in class(((Summary Statement,Precautions and Tools,Operating Instructions,Troubleshooting Techniques))


Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date of Submission USER MANUAL FOR A SAFEWAY BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR SUMMARY STATEMENT Thank you for buying the Safeway BP452H series Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor machine.  Your newly purchased pressure monitor utilizes the oscillometric means of blood pressure measurement. This means that the machine is capable of identifying your blood circulation through your brachial artery and transfers the circulations into a digital reading. A monitor using the oscillometric technology does not require a stethoscope thus making it easy to use. The Safeway BP452H kit contains the following: Monitor Storage case Instruction manual printed in English, Chinese, French and Germany Easy Start Guide. The Safeway BP452H Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is meant for home use. Kindly read this instr

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