The Syufy Case

The Syufy Case

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The Syufy Case


 Research primary (legal authority) and secondary (commentary) legal authority 

• Document research with a research journal 

• Apply legal authority and reasoning to legal, strategic, ethical, and economic factors 

• Use proper citation format 

• Create a reasoned and explanatory recommendation based on research. 

• Analyze the question presented


Legal Research Name; Institutional Affiliation; Date; The Syufy Case Facts; A case holding Syufy Enterprises, L.P. v. City of Oakland, 104 Cal. App. 4th 869 (2002), The owner of a tenement, gave its tenant (Syufy) the permission to partition one of its premises to a subtenant. The owner of the property and the sub landlord agreed to amend the lease that allowed Syufy Enterprises to renovate the subleased premises. Upon execution of the sublease between the Sub landlord and Syufy Enterprises, the company considerably allocated its funds towards the construction of a movie theater on the premise. Within a period, the company again remodeled the premises. However, this did not appear well with the Master Landlord, a factor that brought disputes since the sub landlord had defaulted the master lease. Syufy received copies of the notices in relation to the sub landlord’s default since the Master Landlord intended not to disrupt its tenancy Syufy Enterprises, L.P. (c.o.b. Syufy Sales), [2002] O.J. No. 2160 (H.C.J.). The Master La

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