Security Measures for the CyberSpace

Security Measures for the CyberSpace

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Security Measures for the CyberSpace


Module 2 - SLP

TECHNOLOGY OF INFORMATION SECURITY : "Security Measures for the CyberSpace -- Part II"

Alternative assignment

I strongly recommend you download CyberCIEGE to your computer; it would benefit you a lot to work on the simulation. If, for various reasons, you can not download or run CyberCIEGE to your computer, work on the following alternative assignment. Research three IT security technologies, explore how they work. Write a 3- to 4-page paper on your findings.


IT Security Technologies Name: Institution: Course: Date: IT security technology which are also referred to as the digital securities have been on the radar for quite some time, relative to the fact that much of the economy is reliant on information technology. Furthermore, there are also issues related to security, which put companies on high alert as hackers try to exploit weaknesses in various systems across the economy (Carafano, 2003). IT security technologies have become an economy on its own, with multibillion companies investing in the sector to offer IT security to millions of companies across the globe. Although the sector presents a very significant gap between what is implemented and the business needs, there are quite a number of trends picking up pace such as big data analytics, adaptive access, application isolation, website

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