Research Preparation Project

Research Preparation Project

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Research Preparation Project "Early Marriages among the Military Personnel"


Draft an outline to help plan the direction of the Research Preparation Project "Early Marriages among the Military Personnel"

The rising number soldiers getting married at a tender age motivated the choice of the topic. Statistics indicate that at least forty-three percent of the military workforce is below twenty-five years of age, and another twenty-three percent are between 26 and 30 years (Clark, 2014). Further studies also indicate that of the total soldiers in active duty, sixty percent are married. Since family is an important aspect of human life, I saw it necessary to look into the agents that bring about early marriages among those serving in the armed forces.


Outline Name Affiliation/Institution Course Date Outline Early Marriages among the Military Personnel Introduction The main aim here will be to capture the reader`s attention and thus the author will either sta

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