Module 3 - SLP Normalization and SQL DDL Statement

Module 3 - SLP Normalization and SQL DDL Statements

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Module 3 - SLP Normalization and SQL DDL Statements


Module 3 - SLP
SLP Assignment Overview
Developing a Database System: Improving Database Design
Improving Database Design through Normalization
Continue improving the bookstore database (tables) you designed. Here are your tasks:
Normalize the tables from the previous module. Discuss 1NF, 2NF and 3NF, and whether you believe your tables satisfy each level of normal forms. If all your tables have satisfied the 3NF, explain the reason.
Drop the tables no longer needed, and create tables as required in your new design, using SQL in DBMS.
Include the SQL statements and screenshots of your new tables in the paper.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Normalize tables in a database design.
Be able to create and drop tables using SQL.
Communicate effectively with your audience.


Module 3 - SLP Normalization and SQL DDL Statements Name Trident University Date After identifying the preliminary design of the table, I normalized the database to structure the tables. Since there is a need to update and create new records normalizing the database will improve the database. Under the 1NF (first normal form) the cells in the table contained one value, while the 2NF highlights the attributes being directly dependent on the primary key (Allen & Terry, 2005). Since there is emphasis on removing the redundancies in the inventory and sales data the modified data has eliminated deficiencies. Using the 3NF the non-key column is independent of the other columns and the normalization process then r

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