Fashion Marketing and Branding Research Skills

Fashion Marketing and Branding Research Skills

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The purpose of this assignment is to write a literature review. You will review relevant academic texts (articles, chapters, and books) in the chosen area and identify either a point of interest OR a research gap, followed by a specific Research Question.

Point of interest – something that you read in the literature that interests you, something you would like to explore more.

Research gap – something previous research has not discussed or looked at, a potential for a future research project.


  1. 1.       Choose an area from the list:

-         Social Media Marketing

-         Brand Extensions

-         Customer Loyalty

-         Fashion Market Segmentation

-         Fashion Consumer Behaviour Across Cultures

-         Celebrity Endorsement


Please note the above areas will overlap. These are only he starting point for your reading.


  1. 2.       Search for relevant academic literature in the chosen area. Read and take notes.
  2. 3.       Choose the most relevant sources.
  3. 4.       Review them.
  4. 5.       Identify a point of interest OR a research gap.
  5. 6.       Come up with a possible Research Question.
  6. 7.       Include references in your work.



You are expected to use appropriate literature – reliable, academic sources.


Structure for writing your Assignment

-         Title page with the title of your report, your name, student number, the title of your degree and pathway, the date and your word count.

-         Introduction (short opening paragraph) – say which topic area you have chosen and why.

-         Literature review (divided into paragraphs; could be also divided into thematic sections) - review chosen sources.

-         Conclusion – what is the point of interest/research gap you identified? What Research Question can you ask within this area?

-         References – list of all the sources you mention. Follow Harvard referencing style both in-text and in the list.


Visual guidelines

-         Use images or figures only if they are directly relevant to your review.

-         Reference all images correctly using the Harvard referencing style.

-         Do not use images simply for ornamentation.


Please note that images are not needed in this assignment.


Document Style Guidelines

-         Titles should be at the top of pages.

-         Pages should be numbered.

-         Text should be divided into paragraphs.

-         Font: Arial, size 12.

-         Double line spacing.



The electronic copy of your assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.

This submission is for the purposes of an Academic Integrity Report using the Turnitin software.



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