Castiglione: Define The Meaning Of The Term Sprezz

Castiglione: Define The Meaning Of The Term Sprezzatura

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Castiglione: Define The Meaning Of The Term Sprezzatura


Prompt from Instructor:
Step 1: Read Chapter 27 called “Sprezzatura and Castiglione`s concept of the Gentleman” from page 201 through Page 208 from your book called “Sprezzatura: 50 ways Italians Genius Shaped the World”.
Step 2: Review the notes titled “Lecture Notes Sprezzatura” in the Word Document Attachment.
Step 3: Review the PowerPoint presentation attachment titled “Castiglione”.
Step 4: Read the PDF file attachment called "Ecerpts The Book of the Courtier" by Castiglione
Step 5: Now for your writing assignment... First, define the meaning of the term “Sprezzatura” and secondly do you agree with Castiglione? 
Please follow these guidelines below:
Make sure to have strong topic sentences that clearly state the main idea that stimulates interest throughout your paper.
Make sure to have body and supporting sentences that are consistent development of the main idea that creates interest through details and varied sentence structure.
Make sure to have a concluding sentence by making sure it restates the main idea effectively.
Make sure your paper is well organized in that it flows logically and that it`s consistent with the topic and have a clear conclusion.
Notes from me the student:
I uploaded a word document attachment with screenshots pictures of the pages for Chapter 27 of Sprezzatura.
I also uploaded the Lecture Notes in a Word Document attachment and I uploaded a PowerPoint on Castiglione as well as the PDF file on Castiglione.
The professor didn`t specify whether we can use sources or not but I think maybe the reading from Chapter 27 of Sprezzatura would be the ideal source therefore if you use quotes from that chapter can you use the page numbers.
Lastly, the paper must be in Times New Roman Size 12 with one inch margins all around. 
Thank you.


Define the meaning of the term sprezzatura and do you agree with Castiglione

The modern style of being natural can be traced back to the Renaissance period where the idea was cultivated by the ruling class. The book of courtier by Baldeesarre Castiglione written, between 1513 to 1524 describes the formation of the upper class portraying an ideal man as an artwork (D`Epiro & Pinkowish 202). The book also highlights critical issues like social, cultural, personal amelioration in an attempt to define Sprezzatura. Even though there were many medieval handbook

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