Canto 5 of the Divine Comedy Research Assignment

Canto 5 of the Divine Comedy Research Assignment

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Canto 5 of the Divine Comedy Research Assignment


Prompt from my Italian Civilization Professor:
Step 1: Read Chapter 14 from your Sprezzatura book on Dante`s “Incomparable Comedy” from pages 94 through 104.
Step 2: Review the PowerPoint attachment on “Inferno Canto V: Paolo e Francesca"
Step 3: Review the PowerPoint attachment on “Dante`s Inferno Intro: The Divine Comedy”
Step 4: Review the PDF Attachment on Dante Alighieri Inferno
Step 5: Answer the following questions:
Canto 5 of the Divine Comedy tells the story of Paolo and Francesca, one of the most admired episodes in the Divine Comedy. What is your opinion of Francesca? 
Is she a victim of circumstances as she seems to suggest?
A victim of love`s irresistible power? 
A tragic victim, damned by her own loving nature?
Look closely at the way Dante characterizes Francesca through her double telling of her story. Do a brief research on the Internet about Francesca and explain why you think Dante places such a lovely lady in Hell, and why do you think he faints at the end of the story. 
Please quote your sources MLA style.
Notes from me the student to the EssayZoo Writer: 
I uploaded screenshot photos of Sprezzatura Chapter 14 from pages 94 through 104 on a Word Document attachment. 
The assignment must be in Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around. 
Thank you for your time with this assignment I really appreciated.


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Literature and Language

16 March 2017

Canto 5 of the Divine Comedy

My opinion of Francesca is that she is someone who will do anything for love, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness and committing sin. Even if she is capable of sinning and can be guilty of it, I think that she does not deserve to be placed in hell just for loving Paolo eternally. In fact, it is torture for her because they are in the same circle, but they cannot be like how they were on earth.

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