1.Describe Uber`s business model. What are Uber`s

1.Describe Uber`s business model. What are Uber`s competitive advantages?

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Uber Company Analysis Report: Background Of Uber-Company


8 pages excluding cover page, reference etc.


Analyze and answer the following questions:

1.Describe Uber`s business model. What are Uber`s competitive advantages?

2.Describe the key threats Uber faces from regulators` and competitors`?

3.If you were the CEO of Uber, what steps would you take to: 1. Address several of the key threats to its current business, and 2. what key strategies would you put in place to help drive short/long term growth.

Be creative about it, write it like it`s for your boss. Anything`s fair game.

SWOT analysis and current news related to Uber required (examples below).

-Uber sexual harassment, female engineers percentage rate drop in recent years

-Alphabet lawsuit against Uber

-Uber`s president resigned

Start with Uber`s background. Cover page, executive summary (or abstract), and reference page required.

Regulation is the key hurdle

Please carefully do the reaserch and analysis and cite.






Uber Company Analysis Report

Executive summary

Uber Company is one of the world`s leading transport companies across the world. Started in the year 2009 by Kalanick and Garret in San Francisco the company has grown steadily though just like any business it faces a lot of challenges but still it remains the customers number one choice. This paper has majorly analyzed Uber-Company regarding its strengths like using a mobile application that connects passengers and drivers which give it an edge over its competitors, weaknesses like the inability to accommodate disabled people especially the blind. The paper also analyses the threats it faces in future like the many legal suits it faces, privacy and safety issues. It also enjoys many opportunities for being operational using a mobile application which makes it readily available for partnerships with other organizations like food chains. Uber has a chance to advance and make much more profits within a short period.

Background of Uber-Company.

Uber is a company that develops and markets car transportation services and food delivery in more than 528 cities worldwide. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California in the United States. Uber was started in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick with the aim of making car hire services affordable to many residents of not only San Francisco but also throughout the...

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