Social Argument Assignment Against Animal Testing

Social Argument Assignment Against Animal Testing

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Social Argument Assignment Against Animal Testing


Paragraph Assignment

Your assignment is to construct two paragraphs on one topic, using formal, standard English. The text should be between 250 and 300 words in total, and the two paragraphs should be of fairly similar length (for example two 150 word paragraphs).

The assignment is a short argumentation, for or against, the topic "Animal testing". You do not have to agree with what you are arguing for or against; this is a task about unified and coherent writing.

Remember that the paragraphs should have topic sentences and be unified and coherent. Remember also to link the two paragraphs. 

Let the first sentence state your argument, for example "We should abolish the monarchy”, and then move straight into your argumentation.







Argument against Anima Testing

People should abolish the act of animal testing. The inhuman act of using animals for experiments is not only wrong but also ineffective. Animals rarely acqui

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