Security Challenges in IoT Healthcare Research Ass

Security Challenges in IoT Healthcare Research Assignment

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Security Challenges in IoT Healthcare Research Assignment


IoT Healthcare Security

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Security Challenges in IoT Healthcare

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Security Challenges in IoT Healthcare

Internet of things (IoT) refers to the process of inter-networking of physical devices such as vehicles, buildings, actuators, electronics, software, sensors as well networking connectivity that helps these objects to exchange data. In other words, IoT is a system of interconnected computing devices, objects, animals, people as well as both mechanical and digital machines to boost the transmission of data with the aid of unique identifiers without requiring either human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. In the intensity of the internet growth, IoT systems are also victims of cybercrime since it is applied in many practices such as banking, healthcare, government systems, army, and other business operations that prone to crime. As a preventive measure, there are security control strategy that are installed to protect the objectivity and enhance the effectiveness of the system. Security requirements for IoT-based healthcare solutions have similar elements and functions similar to those in standard communications scenarios. Consequently, to attain a secured services, it is essential to pay much attention on aspects of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization, fault tolerance and self-healing mechanism

First, confidentiality is a vital principle that guara...

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