Reflection; Socialization/Social Hierarchy

Reflection; Socialization/Social Hierarchy

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Culture of my friend

Having interviewed a friend of mine who comes from the African set up of Luhya community in Kenya, I feel there are so many components of uniqueness that are presented in the making of the family and the social set up of an individual. The components of this culture are astounding yet they offer invaluable insight on how other communities that are around fashion their behavior. This Interview confirms that each society has various events, activities, roles and taboos that are unique and are identified as a necessity to the community that an individual comes from.

How does it conform to a social institution?

            My friend’s culture falls in line with the components of a social institution. This is visible through the planning and the organization of specific ideologies and relationship that embody the characteristics of a society just as Rapport (14) notes. There are various taboos that are a must for individuals that are from this community. These taboos coupled by roles and the level of relationship between the members’ leads to elaborating that this is a social institution.

Functions of Education

            Education as my friend confirms has been an essential component of determining how individuals carry themselves and communicate with other people from other societies such as myself. He notes that were it not for education, he would not be able to communicate with me as there would be a language barrier. Education has also been an essential component of drawing the boundary between those cultural aspects that my friend chooses to adopt. My friend also notes that education has also been able to transform his standard of living and comments that most people in his community who do not have education carry out manual labor.

How these functions shape your Identity

            When I further queried whether these factors shape his identity as a Luhya, he confirmed that being an educated person today is revered and people who have gone to school are considered the cream of the society. Therefore, the society only pegs a high level of expectation to a person who is educated as they are seen to be qualified in all spheres. In response to his ability to communicate with other communities, he notes that since his community has learned other languages such as the national language of his country, this does not affect much of his identity as a Luhya.

Education in Setting up Identity

            As Archer (22) notes social hierarchy is the ranking of individuals in a group based on specific characters that they display. As my friend notes, today the society is much more accepting for people who have education as more of them are gaining education. However, the expectation of the society on such individuals who are considered educated is quite high and people look up to them. In fact he notes that in leadership position which is among the highest level of the hierarchy, an individual who has university education is considered fit for such positions.

Drawbacks of Education

Still in their society, my friend notes that education also causes major drawbacks especially since a greater lot are not educated and they consider the educated to be guided by pride. Thus, it takes a longer time to win trust especially once they notice that the language one is using is not the societal one.

Concepts of social institution and social hierarchy to the life of my friend

My friend notes that whenever they go in the village especially in the holiday seasons such as the Christmas occasions people will always be around them expecting that they will more insightful and they will educate them on how to best cope with life. In certain episodes, my friend claims he has been advised that he should begin thinking of marrying and adds that he has been recommended to marry certain girls despite this norm having been done away with.


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