Reflection Assignment Paper: I/O Psychologist

Reflection Assignment Paper: I/O Psychologist

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Reflection Assignment Paper: I/O Psychologist




Psychology Reflection





The aim of specializing in any field is to ensure that one gradually grasps the skills needed to be a fully-fledged professional in the same. Often are the times when the acquisition and mastery of such skills call for not only the time, but also determination and commitment of the individual pursuing it. This directly relates to the character of the person. Professional skills and the personality of an individual are aspects that gradually have to align over time, for one to fully realize his or her dream as an expert in any field. The personality of the person therefore, to a great extent, dictates the success of the person in such a field.

In my pursuit of skills in the field of I/O psychology, there have been plenty of things that I feel proud of. I can only relate them with the fact that my autobiogr

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