Reaction Paper on a Film: Good Will Hunting

Reaction Paper on a Film: Good Will Hunting

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Reaction Paper on a Film: Good Will Hunting


Film: Good Will Hunting

Students will be given a list of films that are about counseling and/or psychotherapy and write 4-5 page reaction paper on this as well as discuss in class. Discuss the different tools of counseling/psychology used throughout the film


Reaction Paper on a Film: Good Will Hunting Name Institution Date Reaction Paper on a Film: Good Will Hunting Summary The main character in the movie is Will Hunting, a 20-year-old Janitor at Boston, who works at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the famous universities. He is an orphan who grew up living in different foster homes. As a child, Will is physically abused. However, he still excelled becoming a mathematics genius. He can solve mathematical problems more than a professor. One day, Professor Lambeau notices Will writing the answer to a math`s problem on the chalkboard, but as soon as Will notices that the professor is watching him, he runs away. The professor starts paying close attention to Will and discover many disturbing things about him; one of them being the fact that Will is likely to be jailed for having physically attacked someone. The professor arranges with one judge to ensure that Will is not in jail so long as the boy agrees to focus on his studies, at the same time, receiving psychological help. Will accepts the condition but he is a difficult patient. Eventually, the professor seeks for help from an old friend Sean Maguire. Sean has his problems but agrees to help Will. Even though the therapeutic relationship between Sean and Will is extremely difficult and full of emotions

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