Psychology and the Media Coursework Assignment Pap

Psychology and the Media Coursework Assignment Paper

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Psychology and the Media Coursework Assignment Paper


Prompt from my Biological Psychology Instructor is below:
All too often the media talks about psychology and psychological disorders in a way that distorts them and may put a negative spin on them or people that have them. For instance, everything I saw on TV and movies made me think that Schizophrenia and multiple personalities were the SAME DISORDER, when clearly they are NOT. Some of the portrayals of people with depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia are close to accurate (see Jamie Foxx in the Soloist), but others are widely inaccurate and lead to people thinking the wrong thing. 
For this assignment, I want you to come up with one thing that the media has done (whether its a film or a movie like a specific character or a TV show like an episode of a popular tv show) to give a look at mental illness and whether you think it was true to the disorder or if they made a less than accurate version of the person/disorder. 
Since I already mentioned Jamie Foxx in The Soloist, make sure to use something else in your paper.
Notes from me the Student:
You can choose any film and or TV show that meets the criteria of the assignment but can you make sure it`s more recent or modern like at least from the past 10 years.


Names Professor Subject Date Psychology and the Media For the purpose of this assignment the movie Frankie and Alice by Halle Berry was chosen. In the film, Halle Berry correctly assumes the role of Frankie Murdoch a woman suffering from multiple personality disorders. She faces the challenge of battling an

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