Projected Growth Of Sales Would Sustain The Compan

Projected Growth Of Sales Would Sustain The Company

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Projected Growth Of Sales Would Sustain The Company


This one is "to develop a marketing plan for a new product or service". This is a team work, I`m in charge of 1 part of it, it has a total of 4 parts (The uploaded files has notes that 4 situation analysis, then a, b, c, d, 4 parts has to write, and rest doesn`t need to write.
I`ll upload all the parts by screenshot, I`ll also upload my parts and I will name the file   in case to prevent any confuses.
Our group came with an idea of smart storage tank, when you need to store something, you only have to insert the name of the item you want to store and put it in, then this box can send the item to the internal of the storage box, organized and it has a serial number.
The storage box has some selection on the functions, like setting up a password, or the differences on the size, it can charge fees by determining what function is this item and its size. 
This storage box only take a little part of the room, even it could be hang in the air, because it is convinence and saving the space. I will upload a sample essay, please write according to that format, that sample is inside the electronic book 51 to 61 pages. The part I have to write is from the sample page 53 to 56 pages. (In the following uploaded sample, every picture will have a page number, it is neithert under the left hand side or the right top of it.
Anyway, everything should write accord to the sample. Also, the sample has notes in square shape, its the requirements and the explianations. But, we have plagiarism check, so it can`t be same as the sample. The more requirements will be upload. The uploaded files has some red highlighted part, that part is my part that has to be done, also the outline of that part. The chart I need, has also write according to that sample.






Situation analysis

This will help identify the environment that smart technologies will be operating in. Such an environment will delve into aspects such as SWOT analysis which will then translate into industrial, competitor and customer analysis.

* SWOT analysis

Internal factors




Projected growth of sales would sustain the company

Finances needed for entry into the market are not enough


Our product is efficient, safer than our competitors, unique, simple usability and worry free

Other companies may give similar services but with lower quality at lower prices

External factors




Lack of competition since our product is first in the market

The services may seem similar to other services provided by other organizations


Our product will be able to enter and reach several markets and individuals

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