PR Project Proposal

PR Project Proposal

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PR Project Proposal


Hi there

this is a group project and for my part I need to write the executive summary and the evaluation as well. I will provide my team`s work in the file attached and more information about the paper. To confirm you, my friend still working on the paper, so this is not the final version of our project, but I think the information that you gonna need it for my parts is already provided and if you have any question please let me know. BTW I`ll upload the final version of our project as soon as my friends finish their writing.

Thank you in advance



PR PROJECT PROPOSAL (BP OIL SPILL DEEP WATER HORIZON) Name: Course: Instructor: Institution: Department: Date: Executive summary Beyond Petroleum commonly referred to as BP is one of the largest companies in the natural resources industry, with an annual turnover that goes beyond the $13 billion dollar mark. Ironically, while their slogan reads, ‘better people, better products, big picture’, the company has been dogged by one of the greatest disasters that has ever faced any one single company. The Deepwater Horizon disaster was a blast of an offshore oil rig, which result

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