Physician Assisted Suicide Should be Legal with Co

Physician Assisted Suicide Should be Legal with Consent from the Dying

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Physician Assisted Suicide Should be Legal with Consent from the Dying


An argumentative research paper on the topic of why physician assisted suicide should be legal with consent from the dying.


Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal With Consent from the Dying Introduction Ethically, physician-assisted suicide can be compared to abortion. (Harris, Richard & Khanna 479). However, for a dying person to choose to escape unbearable suffering at the end of life, this is different. The physician has the duty to alleviate patients suffering as a way of justifying his action. Physician-assisted suicide has become a significant topic that is debatable, based on the argument that dying patients have the right to die with an assistance of physicians (Lewis 89). However, not everyone agrees with this statement because of religious and moral reasons. The main argument is about compassion and respect for the dying. Physicians are often divided over these issues because they cannot precisely describe relief from dying and killing. The main concern in this case mainly focuses on assisted suicide in relation to terminally ill patients; many terminally ill patients in their final stages of life have requested doctors to assist them in dying. This is because they are usually in great pain and according to them, the only hope lies on an assisted suicide (Lewis 87). Arguments on Physician Assisted Suicide The main purpose of physician-assisted suicide is to control pain, many people still oppose this view Experts argue that medicine is meant to alleviate pain for patients (Lewis 89).The question is why terminally ill patients have to seek permissio...

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