Personal Statement: Shift Towards Advanced Technol

Personal Statement: Shift Towards Advanced Technology

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Personal Statement: Shift Towards Advanced Technology


This is the personal statement I need for applying graduate school (Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz college). I am applying for information system/information technology master degree.


Personal Statement

The rapid shift towards advanced technology and global economy worldwide has given birth to many opportunities in the field of Information Technology. The environment and situation are tight and challenging. This is what has triggered me to want to contribute positively in problem-solving of matters concerning this field by developing solutions that are optimal and meaningful. This is just a brief history to introduce my purpose for my goal in undertaking a Master`s degree in Information Technology. I strongly believe that the program will advance my creativity, logical and analytical skills and approaches in Information Technology. It is my deep hope and belief that I will be granted the chance to undertake this program at Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College.

Growing through a Master`s program in Information Technology will form a foundation that will impact me with research skills and theoretical understanding. There is a whole process of endless acquisi

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