NIMS Medical/Public Health Components and Disaster

NIMS Medical/Public Health Components and Disaster Responses

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NIMS Medical/Public Health Components and Disaster Responses

Tornados are frequent occurrences in the United States—especially in the heartland of America.

Your Task:

  • Based on your responses to the Case Assignment of this module, what measures would you take as a Medical Officer in the aftermath of a tornado-devastated community?
  • Begin your response with inventory on hand (and/or inventory required).
  • Prepare a step-by-step sequence, taking into account the occurrences of certain wounds and trauma experienced in a tornado.

Read Background materials.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Length: This Case Assignment should be at least 2–4 pages (not counting the title page and references).

References: At least two references should be included from academic sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles). Required readings are included. Quoted material should not exceed 10% of the total paper (since the focus of these assignments is critical thinking). Use your own words and build on the ideas of others. Whenmaterial is copied verbatim from external sources, it MUST be enclosed in quotes. The references should be cited within the text and also listed at the end of the assignment in the References section (preferably in APA format).

Organization: Subheadings should be used toorganize your paper according to question.

Grammar and Spelling: While no points are deducted for minor errors, assignments are expected to adhere to standard guidelines of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence syntax. Points may be deducted if grammar and spelling impact clarity.

The following items will be assessed in particular:

  • Relevance: All content is connected to the question.
  • Precision:Specificquestion is addressed. Statements, facts, and statistics are specific and accurate.
  • Depthof discussion: Points that lead to deeper issues are presented and integrated.
  • Breadth: Multiple perspectives and references, and multiple issues and factors are considered.
  • Evidence: Points are well-supported with facts, statistics, and references.
  • Logic: Presented discussion makes sense, and conclusions are logically supported by premises, statements, or factual information.
  • Clarity: Writing is concise and understandable, and contains sufficient detail or examples.
  • Objectivity: Writing avoids subjective bias and use of the first person.
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