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  • Recognize phrases with similarities
  • Recognize completely same sounds or words
  • Identify pattern based on this recognition and understanding
  • Create similar pattern for short phrases in their own song



  • Divide children and form them into small group of 4 in order to help them learn identifying patterns together.
  • Work in smaller groups and provide students with direct instruction to better understand patterns and repetitive phrases.
  • Use sounds of animals as hints for patterns and repetition.



  • To enable students to identify patterns in music through selected song
  • To encourage students to create simple song phrases in a pattern


Anticipatory Set


Instructor will inform the students that Old MacDonald had a Farm is a song that has patterns with repetitive words and melodic phrases. Students will be asked to turn to the page in book with Old MacDonald had a Farm song.


Instructor will use pictures of animals mentioned in the song, and put them up on board one by one right before the next line is sung. This will help students understand what animal is going to be introduced next.


The instructor will ask students to listen closely for the patterns as everyone sings together. The song will be repeated 2-3 times so that children really get familiarized with it.


At the end of the singing, children will be asked about the patterns they noticed, and this could include E-I-E-I-O, animal sounds etc. Based on patterns children identify, the instructor will write them on the board.

Teach Lesson / Model

The teacher will inform children about the instructional time, and ask them to gather around in the center of the class so that they all become attentive. Instructor will explain what the lesson includes, what they will do and what each child is expected to do. Instructor will also inform what the children in groups must do, and what their independent practice involves.

Guided Practice


Students are provided with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of identifying patterns in music and creating their own patterns. They are also provided with ‘hear, see, do’ opportunities, which is crucial in their learning process. Students will be guided in case they are unable to come up with their own songs by giving hints such as their favorite food, color etc. to give them ideas of what they can sing.

Independent Practice


After learning to identify patterns in selected song, students will be given self-work, where they have to create their own songs with simple short phrases that follow a pattern. Students will write these phrases in their worksheet handout and underline the pattern that they have formed.



Collect the worksheet handout from each student.

Review and comment on the pattern students have created.



Students will be assessed based on repeating singing of ‘Old MacDonald had a farm.’ Students will be instructed to remain silent during completely different phrases, sing along during phrases with little differences, and loudly sing when the same phrases or words are repeated. Based on student response, instructor can understand how well the children have understood the patterns.


For example: Students remain silent during “And on this farm there was a chick/And, how this walk would drive ‘em wild swinging to and ‘fro;” sing along during “little curve here and a little curve there/ with a little wiggle here and a little wiggle there;” and loudly sing “Old MacDonald had a farm/ E-I-E-I-O.”


Students will be evaluated based on their own creations of patterns, and whether they have underlined the formed patterns. Later instructor will conduct a test, where a new song will be introduced and students have to identify the pattern and repetitive phrases.


Instructional Materials (handouts, etc.)

Pictures of animals mentioned in the song, Worksheet handout for writing the new song phrases.


Rhyme book with the Old Macdonald had a Farm song and other rhymes that have patterns.

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