Manage own clinical workload in general practice r

Manage own clinical workload in general practice responding effectively to patient needs and ensuring patients choice and ease of access.

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Clinical role as a nurse practitioner / practice nurse include the following


Duties as a nurse practitioner include managing caseloads of clients.


 Deliver a high standard of patient care as Nurse Practitioner (NP) in general practice; using advanced autonomous clinical skills, and a broad and in-depth theoretical knowledge base.


Able to manage a clinical caseload, dealing with presenting patient’s needs in a primary care setting.


Manage own clinical workload in general practice responding effectively to patient needs and ensuring patients choice and ease of access.


I am able to develop and use referral pathways ways in line with local policies and guidelines.


Assesses diagnoses and treats patients attending primary health care services with a range of acute, non-acute and chronic medical conditions.


Assesses diagnoses and treats patients in surgery or own home who require acute medical attention and refer to appropriate agency.


Directly admits patients to secondary care hospital in acute medical need.


I am able to run the following clinics independently, travel immunisations, schedule immunisations, family planning clinics, diabetes, asthma, copd etc.  I am also able to Undertakes and interpret a range of diagnostic tests and routine clinical procedures eg venepuncture and blood pressure monitoring etc. Contribute to practice targets both local and national within the disease management agenda eg QOF, prescribing incentive scheme, NSFs, National benchmarking Contributes to disease registers. Develops a leadership role within the practice


Encourage and motivate others to be forward thinking in ideas that address the health needs of the practice that will be innovative whilst managing and developing new ways of working, eg Implanon clinic, teenage heath clinic.


Develops and leads on evidence based practice.


 Promotes effective communication and relationships within the team


Partakes in clinical supervision for own development


Actively participates in clinical and practice meetings


Develops own knowledge and practice to meet objectives/changes in service




Postgraduate certificate in family planning and sexual health  Certificate in minor injuries


I aspire to be able to do the following without the need to wait for a Dr prescription as i can be in a position to prescribe.


Assess, diagnose, plan, implement and evaluate treatment/interventions and care for patients presenting with an undifferentiated diagnosis


• Clinically examine and assess patient needs from a physiological and psychological perspective, and plan clinical care accordingly


• Assess, diagnose, plan, implement and evaluate interventions/treatments for patients with complex needs.


Proactively identify, diagnose and manage treatment plans for patients at risk of developing a long-term condition (as appropriate)


• Diagnose and manage both acute and chronic conditions, integrating both drug- and non-drug-based treatment methods into a management plan


• Prescribe and review medication for therapeutic effectiveness, appropriate to patient needs and in accordance with evidence-based practice and national and practice protocols, and within scope of practice


• Work with patients in order to support compliance with and adherence to prescribed treatments. Provide information and advice on prescribed or over-the-counter medication on medication regimens, side-effects and interactions


• Prioritise health problems and intervene appropriately to assist the patient in complex, urgent or emergency situations, including initiation of effective emergency care


• Support patients to adopt health promotion strategies that promote healthy lifestyles, and apply principles

neuropathic pain management using the pain ladder as a supplementary /independent prescriber (student). advising the independent prescriber (Dr) what to prescribe using the pain ladder  since the sulpplementry prescriber/independent prescriber as a student cannot be allowed to prescriber independently. he can advised the mentor /Dr on what to prescriber.


the reflection shoud focus on the management of neuropathic pain and prescribing for the patient taking into account treatment compliance, side effects, details explanation of pharmacokinetics of the treatment and it effects to releive pain. advised on safety netting




Diagnosis of a patient presenting chest infection, presenting symptoms, investigations including vital signs, history taking and recomending the prescribing of Amoxicilin 500mg three times daily for seven days prescribed by the Dr. discuss the pharmacokinetics of amoxicillin , side effects and it effcts. Advised on safety netting .

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