LO3: Analyse and apply primary research data effec

LO3: Analyse and apply primary research data effectively

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Assessment Type (and weighting)
Report (individual), 50%
Assessment Name
Assignment 2
Assessment Submission Date

Learning Outcomes Assessed:
LO3: Analyse and apply primary research data effectively
LO4: Demonstrate understanding through the production of a research plan and a practical research project, applying relevant methods


You are required to exhibit your proficiency in planning and undertaking research starting with defining a research question/objectives, justifying your methodology and undertaking primary research.

Assignment Task (2000 word report)

1. Produce a research plan based on a topical research question which includes a justification for your research topic/question and research objectives (introduction) and proposed primary and secondary research (methodology). Your primary research should include a survey, a copy of which should be in your appendices.
2. Draft an initial survey based on your chosen research question/objectives, decide on a small sample (15-20), administer your survey and collate the data using appropriate tables/charts and key comments/answers from open questions (findings).
3. Evaluate the responses and suggest further data/questions/methods (qualitative and quantitative) that should be considered for further research into your chosen topic (conclusions).

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