Letter to a Tennant

Letter to a Tennant

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Letter to a Tennant


This is a case study in a Landlord Tenant Application, to be heard in Ontario Canada. The tenants are as follows:

Tennant Walker is constantly complaining of loud noises that are coming from the tenant in the above unit. The tenant in the unit above is Tennant Park. The two have had somewhat of a horrid past where Tenant Walker seems to have a disstates for her behaviour and attitude, which she has communicated to a Paralegal. Tenant Walker conducts her business through the unit which she rents and lives in and is sensitive to many different sounds, during the day, and night. Tenant Park also seems to remain in the unit all day, and has a number of cats, that live with Tenant Park. The cats jump and this seems to be the source of Tenant Walker complaint. 

The Management Group engaged the services of a Paralegal which they have paid out of pocket to issue a N5 on July 26, which was hand delivered to Tenant Park and mailed out by the Boad to Tenant Park. In the Application Tenant Park is able to void the notice by remedying the Interference with Reasonable Enjoyment of the Unit. The tenant Park did mange to put down thick underlying padding that was purchased from Home Depot and did this through the unit. She further prevented the cats from using the bedroom so that it would not disturb Tennat Walker as just below is Tenant Walkers bedroom. Tenant Park also used chairs to barricade tables so that the cats would refrain from jumping and making noise over the late hours. 

I need a letter to Ms Walker explaining the Mangements Role, as respect to the landlord tennant act in toronto ontario. And the steps that have been taken and remedied with respect to Ms Park. I would also conclude that according to the Landlord Tenant Act ........... and therefore no further action will be taken to evict the tenant.


Letter to a Tenant Name Course Instructor Date Management’s Name [Insert] Address [Insert] Toronto, Ontario Postal code [Insert] Date: 8/22/2015 Dear: Tenant Walker As per the Landlord tenant act in Toronto Ontario, tenants and landlords are not permitted to interfere with the privacy and reasonable enjoyment of other tenants using the premises. This not only covers noise, but also any disturbance that violates privacy. After receiving notice on your complaints about the loud noise from tenant Park’s unit your concerns will duly addressed, and this letter also highlights t

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